12 kommentarer om “Grieg plays Grieg «Liten fugl» («Little Bird»), from Lyric Pieces”

  1. That’s the same age I first played it. And I still play it 11 years later – it’s just so awesome you get the urge to play it every once in a while.

  2. yeah, I’m playing this on akkordeon at the moment on m3, it’s pretty damn aawesomee

  3. Really? Edvard Greig from the 19th Century? Or another Edvard Grieg? It’s a really lovely performance. Recording quality would be oddly excellent for a recording from the 19th C.

    Classic C.D. mag. in U.K. once had a Minute Waltz recording, claimed to be by Chopin; was said the recording was so quick to fit in on early tapes. The next issue revealed an ‘April Fools’ joke, as many suspected. But Chopin only missed the possibility of recordings by a couple of decades. Quality q. poor though.

  4. Yes, I believe it is; a lot of them can be found at the channel of theoshow2.

  5. My daughter is trying to play this song it is awesome! She is 10.

  6. It is the same Grieg. Rec. 1906, a year before his um, you know what. Welte Mignon’s restoring technique suprises me a lot.

  7. Nice pictures!
    Unfortunately, it sounds like a mechanical bird with some defects…

  8. This music describes the movements of a tiny bird such as a very small finch (not much bigger than a hummingbird) as it flutters about a food (seed) source.

  9. In fact, Grieg did recordings for «Welte-Mignon» at the beginning of the 20th century like other composers like Debussy and Mahler. Is this one of those recordings with a mechanical piano?

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