Multisite WooCommerce theme


We also deliver web sites and web stores to animal shops and we had one customer that asked for «a WooCommerce shop that had many shops in it» 😀 . So we was thinking that he needed a WordPress multistore/multishop theme. But no, he needed many seperate stores for his niches, several for dog food, several for cat food and so on. He wanted his shops to be listed in Googles search result pages for the same keywords so the chances to sell was bigger.  

So we checked out different themes and found no one that could make separate stores, we also learned that if we need a multistore theme we better make it ourself, because there are a lot of strange coding out there 😀  We ended up using the Multisite Woocommerce plugin found here. It required us to set up WordPress Multisite, and once that was done we installed the plugin.

The way we used it was that we set up one main store (That was hidden from Internet) and uploaded all products for all shops in that main store. Then we distributed cat food to two cat food stores, dog food to three dog food stores and so on. Then set slightly different prices and product titles, the customer edited slightly his product descriptions. And suddenly he had three of the listings in Googles search page for some keywords.

The plugin had a automatic stock updates between the sites so when one product is sold out from one site, its also set as sold out from all sites. We hope in the future that this plugin gets export functions for orders build in, now we use our own build custom function for that, but it would be more user friendly and probably more resource saving for the server if it was build into the plugin.

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