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Morsomme dyrebilder. Det er lett å le av dyr 😀…

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adel Les resten »

Funny Cats

More cats doing funny things. Les resten »

Thirsty Monkey

This monkey decides to impress the onlookers and urinates into his own mouth. Glorious. Les resten »

Animal Instinct

The best animal bloopers seen on TV. Les resten »

Funny Dogs Pups

All Funny dogs and puppies all in one...and also theres some videos....enjoy Les resten »

Wake up Cat

Wake Up Cat is by an English animator called Simon Tofield and it is actually called Cat Man Do. He works for an animation company called Tandem Films. Les resten »

funny animal clips!

a funny collection of animals acting silly Les resten »

Funny Animals Movie

Movie slideshow of funny animals Les resten »

Funny animals at their best

cute pics of funny animals :) Les resten »

Funny Cats

Watch and laugh! Its so cool! Les resten »

Funny and Bastards Cats

Very cute video with cartoon sounds! cats are funny! Les resten »
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